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Fundraising is one of the most important elements of Bike MS. Remember each cyclist is required to raise at least $350. The majority of cyclists go above and beyond the fundraising minimum. All donations to the National MS Society are tax-deductible.

Fundraising is as easy as 1, 2, 3... Follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Know your networks

Make a list of every person you know — the obvious (friends and family) and the not-so obvious (neighbors, acquaintances, business associates, team members, alumni associates, etc.). You have just created your donor list. Need extra help? Use the Know Your Networks worksheet (pdf) included in your fundraising kit.

Step #2: Set your fundraising goal

Now that you know your networks, set your goal. The Bike MS: Coastal Challenge fundraising minimum is $350, but based on your networks, aim high! Can you achieve Century Club status as one of our top 100 fundraisers? Keep in mind that you will want an attainable goal and there is always an opportunity to adjust your goal throughout the Bike MS season. Once you’ve settled on your goal, make sure log into your account and update it.

Step #3: Share your commitment & make a plan

You have created your donor list and set your goal; next comes what many people think is the hardest part of fundraising, the ASK. Tell everyone what you are doing — the excitement is contagious and your story will inspire others. Articulate why you are taking on Bike MS. Your commitment will be the reason they choose to give you a donation.

Where your money goes

Know the facts about MS and how it affects people living with the disease. Provide your donors with information about MS and Where the Money Goes so that they know how they’re making a difference. Funds raised from Bike MS are vital in providing programs and services to thousands of local families affected by MS. Dollars also support cutting-edge research to stop MS in its tracks, restore function that's been lost and end this unpredictable disease forever.

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

Thank you to our local sponsors


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